Beauty Treatments – Body

Herbal Wrap

A moisturizing wrap with sandalwood and, turmeric and honey to soften and nourish the skin.

USD 40 for 60 minutes

Clay and Herbal Cocoon Wrap

An effective detox wrap that combines the cleansing properties of herbs to draw out impurities, exfoliate the skin,
stimulate circulation to leave the skin cleansed, toned and revitalized.

USD 40 for 60 minutes

Moisturizing Sea Salt Scrub

A treatment that will lull your senses with the heavenly scents of jasmine, geranium and lavender. The ideal
treatment to beautify and moisturize the skin. Also includes an application of an Aloe-Avocado concoction after the
scrub that will leave the skin smooth and glowing.

USD 30 for 30 minutes

Herbal Body Milky Scrub

The exfoliation effect of sandalwood and weniwel granules combined with the goodness of gotukola, will give a
lasting radiance to your skin.

USD 30 for 30 minutes

Back Massage

A rejuvenating back massage that is a wonderful way to relax and relieve the body of all tensions.

USD 20 for 30 minutes

Foot Ritual

Pamper your feet with a sea salt scrub and a foot bath followed by refreshing peppermint oil massage.

USD 15 for 30 minutes


Careful pressure applications to different regions of the feet or palms to aid the body in returning to a healthy,
stress- free state of balance.

Feet only

USD 30 for 45 minutes

Feet and Palms

USD 35 for 75 minutes