Birding Trails

Southeastern aviaries that paint the skies

Although Jetwing Safari Camp borders one of our island’s most popular national parks at Yala, the deep south of Sri Lanka is also a haven for several species of birds. From our coastal grounds, we offer several exciting birding trails for the ornithologist in you. Each offers different ecosystems and habitats, resulting in varied bird species.

While some trails start from the private deck of your tent itself, others will take you to the heart of national parks. Whichever you choose, make sure to bring along your field guides and binoculars – something exciting is bound to cross your sights.

  1. Periphery bird trail
  2. Sithulpawwa bird trail
  3. Nimalawa bird trail
  4. Debarawewa bird trail
Location Location
Bundala National Park, Debarawewa, Sithulpauwa
Type of Experience Type of experience
Distance from Hotel Distance From Hotel