Birding Trails

Southeastern aviaries that paint the skies

Although Jetwing Safari Camp borders one of our island’s most popular national parks at Yala, the deep south of Sri Lanka is also a haven for several species of birds. From our coastal grounds, we offer three distinct birding trails for the ornithologist in you. The environments of nearby Debarawewa and Sithulpauwa are two laidback trails, while the Bundala National Park is a designated sanctuary known for its birdlife – especially the flamingoes which frequent the area in large flocks during their migratory seasons.

These birding trails are located in three different directions from Jetwing Safari Camp. Debarawewa is a half-hour drive north, while Sithulpauwa is an hour’s drive into the confines of the Yala National Park, and is also home to an ancient monastery. Bundala National Park however, is further east towards the end of the southern coastal belt and can be reached within an hour from our villas.


Location Location
Bundala National Park, Debarawewa, Sithulpauwa
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