A Life of Tea

Ayubowan! (May you live long)

Loved by people from all walks of life, tea is an imperative part of our history, heritage, and culture.

The two-century long story of Sri Lankan tea is one unlike any other; one that is brought to life by the hard work and dedication of thousands of extraordinary women and men. Journey to the central highlands of Sri Lanka – home of the finest tea in the world and experience their lives in all its authenticity.

Join me as I take you through a series of unique, immersive experiences designed around the life of the world renowned Sri Lankan tea and a community of people brimming with love and warmth, and explore a side of Sri Lanka you can never find anywhere else.

Meena Amma
Your host

Tucked Away In The Warwick Estate

Sharing the same 30-acre estate with our family at Jetwing Warwick Gardens, Meena Amma’s Tea Experience is located in the quiet pocket of Ambewela – Sri Lanka’s highest grassland at 6000 feet above sea level.


Experience the livelihood of Sri Lanka’s tea pickers with the heartwarming hospitality of Meena Amma. Join Meena Amma on her walks through the tea plantations and gain firsthand insights into the hard work that goes into a cup of tea; learn to cook an authentic Sri Lankan meal; visit the village temple or school and mingle with the ever so friendly village folk to learn about their lifestyles, culture and traditions.


It does not get better than a meal cooked on a firewood hearth in a rustic country kitchen. Meena Amma treats you to the best of authentic Sri Lankan cuisine prepared with the freshest of local produce and most importantly, an abundance of love.

"What a gorgeous decadent and stylish place to stay.
We loved this up-country hidden gem."
Ilma Melwani

The World Behind Ceylon Tea