Namal Uyana and Rose Quartz Mountain Range

The ironwood tree (Mesua ferrea), or Na in Sinhala, is the national tree of Sri Lanka, chosen for the close ties it has with Buddhism. It is said that several past Buddhas attained enlightenment under the shade of an ironwood tree, as will the coming Buddha. Namal Uyana is a 260 acre replanted ironwood forest, whose construction is believed to have been commenced by King Devanampiyatissa and continued by several subsequent kings. A winding walkway leads you through the forest whose canopy is so dense that sunlight only penetrates the undergrowth in a few, scattered patches.
The rose quartz mountain range found within the ironwood forest is believed to be the largest in Asia, comprising seven peaks above 150m. From atop the mountain range you will see stunning vistas stretch unending miles to the horizon, toque macaques clambering amongst the rocks and Sri Lanka’s largest montane eagle, the black eagle, soaring majestically on the slowly rising thermals.

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