Merely a kilometer north of the famous rock citadel Sigiriya is another 200m high single rock called Pidurangala. Built on this rock is a Buddhist monastery and cave temples. King Kasyapa – who built Sigiriya – also built Pidurangala and it served as a royal temple during King Kasyapa’s 18-year reign.
The monastery housed over 500 Buddhist monks and is complete with the five ritual sections: the Chapter House, Image House, a sacred Bo tree, a shrine, and a monks’ dwellings. In this rock are meditation caves, paintings, and a statue of a reclining Buddha. Also at the summit are the remnants of shrines and the site at which young monks were taught.
Archaeological research shows that Pidurangala dates back to a much earlier period as excavations of the cave have proved the existence of the pre-historic man in the area as far back as 6,000 to 8,000 years.
This is a different climb in contrast to the exhilarating climb of Sigiriya. Climbing to the summit is not as easy as the path ends near the top. But here, there is peace.

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