Garden Weddings by the Ocean

Garden weddings will be held in the lush upper level garden on top of a rock promontory, overlooking the azure tinged ocean.



Please choose a venue for the ceremony from the elegant and enchanting Mangala Pavilion or the specially designed beautiful timber pillared Garden Canopy.

Mangala Pavilion

A vibrant celebration filled with the wonder of age old traditions the Mangala pavilion will be decorated with strings of fragrant Frangipani flowers, a gokkola platform made of young coconut leaves in a traditional design,
gokkola Pun Kalasas handcrafted symbols of abundance made from young coconut leaves and a richly decorated three tier oil lamp. The Traditional Ceremony will be conducted by a Kapuwa, a ceremonial wedding officiate.

Garden Canopy

Create a celebration of joyful romance with this beautiful structured canopy set on four carved timber columns decorated on the sides with your choice of elegant and simple drapes held with charming floral arrangements or with delicate strings of beautifully fragrant tropical flowers with the stunning Indian Ocean as a backdrop. The ceremony can be done to your own style with your own vows or traditional vows by a Kapuwa, a ceremonial wedding officiate.


Registration of marriage

Your registration conducted by a Government of Sri Lanka authorized person will be held in the pool pavilion, decorated with fresh, fragrant tropical flowers and a backdrop of the stunning azure tinged Indian Ocean.


Mehndi Ceremony

Mehndi forms part of a traditional Hindu wedding and is a ceremonial art form using henna to draw intricate patterns on the bride’s hands and feet. Should you wish to include this ceremony into your wedding it can be arranged in any location of your choice in the garden.


The Cake

The cake cutting ceremony can be held in the Garden Canopy or Mangala Pavilion depending on your choice of ceremony.

Simply Beautiful



  • The Ceremony
    Registration and Certificate
  • Cake with 15 pieces of wedding cake
  • Wedding Magazine Album
    (10x30 – 15 Pages)
  • All the flowers for the Bride & Groom
  • A Bottle of Champagne

USD 2050

Romance in Paradise



  • The Ceremony
  • Ceremonial Dancers & Drummers, Services of Kapuwa,
    Four Girls to sing Stanzas of Blessings and shower Flower Petals
  • Registration and Certificate
  • Two Tier Wedding Cake with 15 pieces
  • Wedding Magazine Album
    (10x30 – 15 Pages)
  • All the Flowers for the Bride & Groom
  • A Bottle of Champagne
  • Six Course Romantic Lobster Dinner with Serenade
    (Lobster is Seasonal)

USD 2800