Special Dining

Dine in style amongst the hills

Your meals do not have to be restricted to the dining hall as the villa provides you with unique dining experiences to elevate your holiday. The lush greenery surrounding the bungalows and the soothing hill country atmosphere act as the perfect setting for an exclusive dining experience.

  • High Tea in the Garden – Indulge in an array of sweet and savoury snacks with tea/coffee in the serene bungalow gardens.
  • Alfresco Dining – Dine amongst the breathtaking scenery overlooking the estate and the mountains, under the blue skies to add a special touch to your holiday.
  • Garden BBQ – Feast on your favourite smoky treats straight from the grill amidst the tranquil outdoors. With the cool breeze blowing and the air filled with the delicious BBQ aroma, you are sure to be savoured in a BBQ experience like no other.
  • Garden Breakfast – There is no finer way to begin your day than with a delicious breakfast in the gardens, with the sounds of birds chirping and the stunning views of the surroundings serving as a backdrop.
  • Picnic – A delightful picnic inclusive of your favourite delicacies under the clear blue skies and highland sunshine of Welimada.
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