Your Home At Nearly 6000 Feet Above Sea Level

Sprawled over a 30-acre mountain estate in Sri Lanka’s central province, Jetwing Warwick Gardens serves as a cool escape from the sunny warmth that dominates the rest of our island. With temperatures dropping as low as 5°C in the nights, it is not a rarity to spot a speckle of frost when you wake up in the mornings of our tropical winter months. Surrounded by a region of tea plantations, waterfalls and scenic mountain landscapes, our luxuriously restored colonial home is nestled away from bungalows in Nuwara Eliya, and in an exclusive pocket of our majestic hill country.

Jetwing Warwick Gardens is located in the upcountry meadows of Ambewela. Fondly referred to as ‘Little New Zealand’, our highland home of Sri Lankan hospitality is a 5-hour drive away from the capital of Colombo, on picturesque roads through rolling hills of tea plantations on either side.Commence your tea plantation experience with the latter part of the drive leading up to the bungalow, through a narrow road surrounded by verdant tea bushes of the Warwick Estate. Originally built in the 18th century by Scottish planters, the drive through the bridleway will surely be an adventure in itself. With a neighbourhood reputed as the highest grassland in Sri Lanka, your stay in our hills will be nothing short of spectacular.

Area Ambwella
Average Temperatures 5°C - 30°C
Distance from Colombo 175 km
Closest Major City Nuwara Eliya (15 km)
Closest Train Station Ambewela (5 km)
Closest Bus Terminus Nuwara Eliya (15 km)