Adventures In Our Picturesque Hill Country

With several attractions in Nuwara Eliya and beyond, Oatlands by Jetwing is your ideal launch pad for an adventure through the central highlands of Sri Lanka.

In natural harmony with the cool climes of the hill country, lush green spaces thrive in a variety of forms. A short drive from Oatlands by Jetwing leads to the vivacious Victoria Park – a popular recreational area in Nuwara Eliya, complete with promenades for a brisk upcountry walk. Just beyond, Pidurutalagala, better known as Sri Lanka’s tallest mountain, overlooks the town and the expanse of Horton Plains National Park, which stretches over the stunning central highlands of Sri Lanka – one of our two natural UNESCO World Heritage Sites on the island.

Closer to home, our family at the neighbouring Jetwing St. Andrew’s offer a unique frog watching tour within the surrounding environment. Accompanied by our resident naturalist, you will embark on an educational adventure with expert knowledge on the habitats of these amphibians, their habits, and even their signature calls on a nighttime scouting expedition in the cool hills of Nuwara Eliya.

The picturesque backdrop of Lake Gregory is also located at the edge of the Nuwara Eliya town for wonderful afternoon outings with activities on both land and water, and finally, a visit to the hill country is incomplete without a cup of our world-famous Ceylon Tea – that too without a visit to the factories where it is produced. Nuwara Eliya is surrounded by a multitude of longstanding tea factories, including the notable Labookellie Tea Centre, which provides visitors with an insight into the craft behind our liquid gold.

Frog Watching Tour


Spot exotic amphibians with the expert guidance of our resident naturalist at Jetwing St. Andrew’s.

Horton Plains National Park


Explore a world of natural wonders in our central highlands.

Labookellie Tea Centre


Get a firsthand look into the craft behind our world-famous Ceylon Tea.

Lake Gregory


Spend your morning, afternoon, or evening at a picturesque upcountry lake.



Drive up to the summit of the tallest mountain in Sri Lanka.

Victoria Park


Stroll through the verdant core of Nuwara Eliya town.