Step back in time or out into nature

Revisit the history and discover the heritage of our cities, or take to the waters and immerse yourself in nature – an active break from the coziness of Jetwing Thalahena Villas is always within reach.

Resting on a peaceful stretch of the northwestern shoreline, we are conveniently located between the capital city of Colombo and our coastal home of Negombo. Situated just a short drive away, Negombo is often considered an exciting stopover destination due to its proximity to our international airport, while cosmopolitan Colombo is the heart of our island buzz.

Closer to home, the Muthurajawela mangroves and wetlands are an ecological wonder, best experienced aboard a boat that floats upon the waters of a colonial Dutch canal into the vast Negombo Lagoon. For a more exhilarating experience on our waters, a professional water sports centre is located at Jetwing Lagoon and offers an extensive array of aquatic activities that range from canoeing to water skiing and more.


Colombo City Tour

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Discover the hustle and bustle of our island capital

Muthurajawela Mangroves and Wetlands

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Take a boat ride through a lush coastal ecosystem.

Negombo City Tour

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Explore the diverse history and culture of our coastal home.

Water Sports

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Make the most of our sweet spot between the lagoon and the sea.