Indulge In True Upcountry Hospitality

Enchanting you with their distinct charm, Meena Amma’s Line Rooms offer a one-of-a-kind experience hosted by an extraordinary woman who welcomes you to her own version of Sri Lanka. Having grown up with five siblings, Meena Amma shares the warmth of highland families who, like her, have built their lives in the estates that surround you. Incidentally, it was Meena Amma’s sister who first invited her to the Warwick Estate to work in the tea fields, day care, gardens, and now as a room maid who extends the finest of authentic upcountry hospitality to you.

Once the original labour accommodation of tea pluckers in the surrounding plantations, these line rooms have since been refurbished into a quaint abode for you to experience the simple pleasures of upcountry living with the warm hospitality of Meena Amma. As you step into her humble home on the Warwick Estate, you will be encouraged to forego the lavish luxuries of bygone tea barons and immerse yourself in the humble lives of the hardworking women who have put Sri Lanka on the world map. As a standard of our legendary hospitality, each room is equipped with basic facilities to ensure a comfortable stay, and is designed to treat you to an unforgettable experience on your island adventure.

Please note that due to the nature of Meena Amma’s Line Rooms, we are unable to provide accommodation for drivers and/or guides at this time.

Line Rooms

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43.29 sq.m.
2 Adults
Plantation View
Luxury Rain Shower