Locally Sourced Homecooked Meals

To complement your traditional highland experience, you have the pleasure of joining Meena Amma in the country kitchen attached to the line rooms, where authentic, locally sourced meals are prepared in a firewood hearth. Fruits, vegetables, and various other ingredients are sourced from the organic farms that surround our estate, and our friendly tea pickers will be more than delighted to share their culinary talents with you through a one-of-a-kind dining experience in true Sri Lankan hospitality. Watch as they prepare warm meals in the cool climes with cooking techniques passed down for generations or join them with Meena Amma for some flavourful tastings as the aroma of authentic Sri Lankan food fills the mountain air.

Breakfast Time Breakfast Time At Your Leisure
Lunch Time Lunch Time At Your Leisure
Dinner Time Dinner Time At Your Leisure
Indoor Seating Capacity Indoor Seating Capacity 10 Persons
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