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Jie Jie Beach by Jetwing is a tropical escape on a secluded strip of glorious beach, hidden away amidst lavish coconut plantations. Lying languidly overlooking the ever changing scenes of the Indian Ocean, the property boasts of a wealth of local culture too.

Jie Jie Beach by Jetwing is a luxury hotel that boasts wide open spaces and glass decked interiors that reflect the vastness of the ocean and cerulean skies. Wake up to the rhythmic music of the waves, nod off to the lullaby of the gentle breeze, and be inspired by sunsets painted with salmon pink, shying purples and the softest blues; no scene is ever the same the next day. With rooms and suites that face the sea and garden, Chinese and global cuisines to sate any appetite, a pool bar that encourages languishing, and karaoke lounge to sing the evenings away, the hotel is indeed a celebration of tropical life. As an added advantage, the property is also equipped with several banquet and conference halls, making this a preferred choice for more than just a leisurely stay.