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Jetwing Yala

A combination of awe-inspiring wildlife, a wellness center, and a commitment to sustainability makes Jetwing Yala a beacon of light in the deep South. Soak up your cares in the spa and enjoy the sounds of the wild on your doorstep.

Jetwing Yala is a hotel which seeks to heal both the environment and the individual. Not only is the hotel situated next to one of the best wildlife destinations in Asia, the Yala National Park, it also hosts the largest privately owned solar park in Sri Lanka. Our spa rejuvenates your mind, body and soul while the natural habitat will help you reconnect with nature. The food is superbly delicious and caters to diverse palettes. Come, see and conquer.


Yala National Park will be closed for visitors from 1st of September to 15th October 2014

50% of Hotel’s entire electricity requirement is generated via a 300 kWp Solar PV system.
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