Signature Dining

Your Private Venue In Our Coastal Home

Unlike any restaurant in Negombo, Signature Dining experiences at Jetwing Beach are a pleasure of our hospitality and have been specially designed to treat you to unforgettable culinary moments found nowhere else. With four distinct experiences on offer, you are spoiled for choice with the luxury of dining at various locations across our home, including the beach for a BBQ, in your Suite for absolute privacy, or under the starlit skies of Negombo. Wherever you choose to dine at Jetwing Beach, we look forward to ensuring your experience is a memorable one.

Beach BBQ


Indulge in a grilled feast of mouthwatering meats and refreshing beverages, best savoured amidst the cooling ocean breeze that blows across the sandy shores of our resident beach in Negombo.

Suite Dining


Sit in the comforts of your open courtyard in absolute privacy, with a Signature Dining experience that is reserved exclusively for guests who choose to stay in our luxurious Suites at Jetwing Beach.

Exotic BBQ


Feast on a selection of delectable dishes and mouthwatering sides, while you indulge in a flavourful grilled meal that is befitting of the tropical luxury that surrounds our home.

Under The Stars


As the name of this Signature Dining experience states, have a romantic dinner set under a shining constellation that adorns the skies of Negombo every night at Jetwing Beach.