Your Home On A Southern Coastal Hillock

An iconic Galle hotel, Jetwing Lighthouse rests atop a magnificent hillock that looks over the vast blue expanse of the great Indian Ocean. Flanked by our popular seas on one side, and the coastal trunk road on the other, our home of Sri Lankan hospitality offers the best of our sunny south at the edge of its famed provincial capital – Galle, a world-famous heritage city filled with fascinating stories from the ancient spice trade, colonial invasions, and several other historic legacies that have been well preserved throughout the region.

Located just beyond the city limits, Jetwing Lighthouse is easily accessible from all parts of our tropical isle. From our capital city of Colombo, you may arrive via the scenic coastal drive of 3-4 hours along the road that runs right outside our premises, or via the rapid convenience of the Southern Expressway, through the provincial greenery to our shoreline in just over an hour. Should you wish to venture beyond our coastal home, Galle is also connected to various destinations in Sri Lanka by bus or train, which can be caught from their central terminals near the majestic 17th century Dutch fortress in the heart of the bustling city.

Area Dadella
Average Temperatures 24°C - 32°C
Distance from Colombo 120 km
Closest Major City Galle (2 km)
Closest Train Station Galle (2 km)
Closest Bus Terminus Galle (2 km)