Purification and Rejuvenation (21 Days Package)

Restore a sense of radiant vitality and reconnect with your spiritual values with traditional healing powers of Sri Lankan Ayurveda


  • Consultation by our Ayurveda Physicians with individual consultation and planning of treatments
  • Daily 150 mins Ayurveda treatment in your own villa or in Ayurveda Centre after a daily doctor’s consultation.
  • Internal medicine and External treatments
  • Unparalleled and beauty designed unique Villas and rooms for Accommodation
  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner (All meals will be Vegetarian and Vegan, individually catered according to your body constitution
  • Unlimited rejuvenate Herbal Drinks throughout the stay
  • Morning Yoga session daily (01 hour)
  • Pool exercise program 2/3 times per week(01 hour/Fixed sessions)
  • Home herbal garden walk (01 hour)
  • Cookery Demonstration
  • (01 hour/ Sri Lankan style healthy meal preparation)
  • Ayurveda Awareness Session (01 hour)
  • Music Therapy Session – Mind relaxing sitar music played live (01 hour/ Group session)
  • One vegan high tea
  • Departure candlelit dinner
  • Standard set menu dinner at Jetwing beach with doctor’s guidance (In a different atmosphere)
  • Medical Report at the end of the program


  • Effective for purifying, nourishing & rejuvenating the mind and body to bring back biological energies to its balance
  • Removes naturally accumulated toxins and capable of cleansing the entire body
  • Natural preventive measures to ensure good health with perfect mind body combination Prevention and promoting of positive health
  • Enhancing the memory power and helps in maintaining uniformity of the different organs of the body
  • Help to get clear complexion and youthful look
  • Produces stability and lightness in the body
  • Promotion longevity of an individual
  • Prevention and correction of ageing process
  • Helps to open up the orifices of the channel of circulation
  • Helps restore metabolic fire
  • Balance all three doshas
  • Helps to implement a healthy diet and lifestyle