“Koththamalli by Rohan” Restaurant

Authentic Vegan & Vegetarian Cuisine Inspired By Ayurveda

Aptly named after the traditionally and inherently Sri Lankan Ayurvedic beverage, a staple of Sri Lankan culture and perennial home remedy for almost any sort of sickness for generations, “Koththamalli by Rohan” takes you on a journey of authentic vegan and vegetarian cuisine inspired by the country’s long-standing and treasured relationship with Ayurveda.

The first hotel on our little island to be certified by both Veggie Hotels and the Sri Lanka Standards Institution, and inspired by specially curated Ayurvedic recipes that have been passed on from generation to generation, the “Koththamalli by Rohan” restaurant at Jetwing Ayurveda Pavilions is your gateway to a world of nutritious vegan and vegetarian meals using creative and locally sourced condiments. Diners can enjoy an expansive menu with a range of exotic food and beverages that are low in sodium, sugar and oil, carefully prepared by our expert chefs, with clean and simple ingredients that have numerous health and nutritional benefits, effectively complementing the Ayurvedic therapies we offer. While our standard recipes have been carefully researched and produced, the à la carte and set menus consist of a variety of dishes served to you at our open-air, peaceful haven overlooking the charming swimming pool, that can be attributed to the healthy wellbeing of our valued guests, or any patron that walks into our restaurant from its dedicated roadside entrance.

Breakfast Starting from 7:00 AM (Depends On Treatment Times)
Lunch Starting from 12:30 PM (Depends On Treatment Times)
Dinner 7:00 PM - 10:00 PM
Indoor Seating Capacity 60 Persons
Outdoor Seating Capacity 20 Persons (On Request)
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