Weight Management Program

Ayurveda focusses on holistic solutions that aid the loss of excess weight and improvement of overall health. The Weight Management Program uses these principles to cleanse the body and correct the metabolism. The process includes Ayurvedic treatments, administration of oral herbal medication, body treatments, therapeutic yoga, and metabolic corrections through wellness diet and lifestyle reforming activities


  • Pre-preparatory session with doctors for one week before arrival (Online)
  • Consultation by our Ayurveda Physicians with individual consultation and planning of treatments
  • Daily 150mins Ayurveda treatment in your own villa or in Ayurveda Centre after a daily doctor’s consultation
  • Internal medicine and External treatments
  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner (All meals will be Vegetarian and Vegan, individually catered according to your body and disease constitution)
  • Unlimited rejuvenate Herbal Drinks throughout the stay
  • Morning Yoga session daily (01 hour)
  • Pool exercise program 2 times per week (01 hour/Fixed sessions)
  • Ayurveda awareness program (01 hour)
  • One vegan high tea
  • Departure candlelit dinner
  • Medical Report at the end of the program
  • Follow up consultations (Once a month up to three months) after departure, conducted online.
  • Duration – 14 days and above

Recommended Treatments

  • Shiro Dhara
  • Snehana (Full body massage)
  • Swedana (Steam bath – Local/General)
  • Udwartana
  • Virechana Karma (Purgation)
  • Nasya Karma (Nasal Cleansing)
  • Vasti Karma (Enema): Niruha (Decoction enema),Anuwasana (Oil enema)
  • Pottali Sweda (Fomenting by herbal balls preparation) : Ata Pottali (Herbal seed preparation), Patra Pottali (Herbal leaves preparation), Valuka Pottali (Salted sand preparation), Kiribath Pottali (Medicated milk rice)
  • Upanaha Sweda (Herbal Wrapping)
  • Sarvanga Dhara/Parishekha (Oil /Dcoction pouring)
  • Avagaha (Herbal bath)

(The inclusion and exclusions of treatments will decide by physician according to the condition of disease)