Sothy's Oxygenating Aromatherapy Radiance Facial

A real beath of oxygen and vitamins to help protect your skin against environmental agressions.

Rs. 6,500 for 60 Minutes

Sothy's' Jetwing After Sun Repair and Nourish

A nourishing and moisturising facial that soothes and relaxes, leaving your skin radiant and healthy.

Rs. 5,750 for 60 Minutes

Sothy's Anti Pollution Purifying

A gentle and effective purification of congested pores, leaving your skin fresh, soft and clear.

Rs. 5,750 for 60 Minutes

Hydro Advance Facial

The ultimate beauty experience for immediate hydration, anti-aging and radiance in a single treatment.

Rs. 8,000 for 60 Minutes


A treatment with glycolic acid and vitamin C to reveal a more even complexion by detoxifying the skin to lighten and tone as well as reduce dark marks and pigmentation. This treatment reverses the signs of aging to regain youthful glow of one’s skin.

Rs 6750