Traditional Ayurveda Treatments


A whole body massage from head to toe using a variety of warm oil depending on the body composition (Vatha/Pitha/Kampha).

Beneficial for general rejuvenation of skin and musculoskeletal conditioning or problems such as obesity, body aches and pains.

A steam or herbal bath is recommended for complete relaxation. The calming synergy of the Ayurveda oils and deep massage strokes relaxes the mind and soothes the body.

LKR 10,000 for 60 minutes


This full body treatment involves fomentation of the body with a bolus of cooked rice tied up in linen bags. The rice is cooked in milk and herbal decoction. The boluses are dripped in to herbal decoction of warm milk and massaged all over the body after a gentle massage.

LKR 9,000 for 60 minutes

Padha Lankaraya (Foot Soother)

The ultimate soothing treatment for those tired and stressed feet together with a stimulation for the body’s own healing and balancing process.

LKR 9,000 for 60 minutes

Shiro Abhyanga (Head Massage)

A head massage done with oil applied to the head, which is absorbed in to the scalp through the roots of the hair. This nourishes, lubricates and strengthens the hair roots and the skin of the scalp preventing hair loss and premature greying. It improves circulation to the head, relaxing the muscle and nerve fibers.

LKR 8,000 for 30 minutes