Body Treatments – Scrubs / Wraps

With range of Earth Essence body care products

Scrubs and wraps are designed to hydrate and soften the skin through the use of moisturizing ingredients. Beneficial for toning the body by reduction of water weight after the skin is firmed.

Turmeric & Sandalwood Body Scrub

A special blend of spices, sandalwood and turmeric will help remove all impurities and dead skin cells, adding a glow to your skin tone.

LKR 8,000 for 30 minutes

Aloe Vera Scrub

As a natural healing ingredient, aloe vera is known for its hydrating and soothing effects, making it ideal for sensitive skin. It leaves your skin feeling refreshed and clean.

LKR 8,000 for 30 minutes

Ginger & Honey Wrap

This treatment is used for detoxication or removal of body toxins. The main ingredient is ginger, which contains anti-oxidants helping the body get rid of free radicals. This also causes the body to sweat, pushing nasty toxins out through the skin.

LKR 9,000 for 30 minutes

Aromatic Mud & Honey Body Wrap

An ancient anti-fatigue therapy. This body ritual bathes you in holistic mud which is rich in minerals and essential oils, promoting healing while alleviating fatigue, aches and pains. It’s proven as a successful anti-stress technique used since ancient times for complete rejuvenation.

LKR 9,000 for 45 minutes