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Jetwing Thalahena Villas

Magical sunsets, open spaces, and a villa of your very own... welcome to Jetwing Thalahena Villas! Building on Sri Lanka’s primiere hospitality brand’s deserving reputation for only the finest in villas and resorts, a stay at Jetwing Thalahena Villas is everything you’ve ever wanted and wished for.

A beachfront to die for, and a villa fit for royalty. At Jetwing Thalahena Villas, we bring together the charm and open spaces of the great Geoffrey Bawa’s style of architecture together with the intimate cosiness of a personal residence. Featuring three bedrooms, a living and dining area, with expansive courtyards, a private swimming pool and a direct view of the Indian Ocean and beach, this villa is perfect for a weekend holiday, a romantic getaway, or a family gathering.

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