Tribute to The Traditions of Coexistence
Situated on the lush banks of the Mahaweli River, truly immersed in the beauty of our environment, Jetwing Kandy Gallery pays homage to the peaceful coexistence of man and nature that long existed in the island’s historic capital, with a number of sustainability initiatives in place.

Energy and Carbon
Solar energy plays an essential role in our daily operations at Jetwing Kandy Gallery. A 90.5-kilowatt net-metered, roof mounted solar photovoltaic system supplies more than 40% of our daily electricity requirement. In addition, a solar thermal system consisting of 30 flat-plate collector panels supplies the hot water requirement of the property, during sunlit hours.

Water and Waste
Jetwing Kandy Gallery features an on-site effluent treatment plant, where 100% of wastewater generated through hotel operations is carefully treated with aerobic and anaerobic biological processes, before being used for irrigating our verdant gardens.

All organic waste at Jetwing Kandy Gallery is treated and recycled onsite. Food waste generated from hotel operations is fed into our onsite biogas digester, which later supplies biogas for cooking. An above-ground composter is used to treat all garden sweepings and clippings found across the grounds, with the product-compost used as a nutrient-rich soil enhancer in our gardens.

Sourcing and Production
Despite having limited space available, Jetwing Kandy Gallery hosts an organic garden which is maximized by growing local herbs and vegetables whenever possible. Irrigated from a treated water line, the fresh produce is then shared with our hotel kitchen where our chefs use it to prepare delicious meals for your indulgence.