Hidden in our Southern Backlands

Quietly sheltered amidst the southern village of Mahamodara, Jetwing Kurulubedda is perhaps one of our island’s most secluded boutique hotels. Galle, the bustling capital of the southern province, is located just a few kilometres away should you long for the buzz of coastal city life, but a truly serene setting is best found here in the harmonious disorder of our verdant home. Accessible by road, or even by boat, Jetwing Kurulubedda can be reached from the Bandaranaike International Airport or Colombo on the picturesque Galle Road that runs alongside the southern shoreline, or on the faster Southern Expressway that winds through the provincial greenery of our island backlands.

Area Area Mahamodara
Average Temperatures Average Temperatures 24°C - 32°C
Distance from Colombo Distance from Colombo 135 km
Closest Major City Closest Major City Galle (3 km)
Closest Train Station Closest Train Station Piyadigama (1 km)
Closest Bus Terminus Closest Bus Terminus Galle (3 km)