Handunugoda Tea Estate

A distinct tea country like no other


Known for its flavourful black tea, the low-grown plantations of the Ruhuna district in the south contrast those in the central highlands that are synonymous with our island beverage. The Handunugoda Tea Estate, which sits at a humble elevation just above 100 feet, is arguably the world’s closest estate to the ocean. Flanked by a lush forest, the estate continues to use machinery that has been operating for over a century, and is best known for its production of virgin white tea – a variant inspired by an ancient Chinese tradition, where the leaves are plucked using golden scissors, and is never touched by human hands until it reaches the lips of its worthy consumer.

From Jetwing Kurulubedda, the Handunugoda Tea Estate can be reached via a 45-minute drive through the southern backlands. The rising greenery that envelops small villages along the way is not only scenic, but also makes you forget that you are in the south of the island – a region constantly associated with its sunny beaches and coastal pleasures.

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