Cinnamon Peeling Centres

Traditional Insights into our World-famous Ancient Spice


Many centuries ago, Arab merchants who arrived at the port of Galle would source the world’s finest cinnamon from our shores, and sell it at exorbitant prices in the west with a single catch – the source remains a secret. Until the European colonial powers discovered maritime routes to Sri Lanka, the Arabs profited with a global monopoly on cinnamon, and our ports thrived on the ancient spice route.

Today, Ceylon Cinnamon is perhaps Sri Lanka’s most coveted spice – accounting for nearly 90% of the world’s supply of cinnamon. And yet, the master cultivators use the same traditional tools used by their forefathers before them. From Jetwing Kurulubedda, a journey to some of Sri Lanka’s most reputed cinnamon peeling centres serves as an insightful discovery into the timeless trade of this prized spice.

Locations Location
Ambalangoda, Elpitiya, Kahawa
Type of Experience Type of experience
Distance from Hotel Distance From Hotel
27 - 40 km