A Region Abound in Natural Wonders

With a home immersed in the environment, we take great pleasure in sharing the many natural wonders of our region with you.

The grounds of Jetwing Kurulubedda are set upon the banks of the Mahamodara River, which serves as a fascinating boat safari with by a range of flora and fauna, including the many birds that lend us our name. Further inland towards the edges of the southern province, the Kottawa Conservation Forest is another pocket of thriving greenery, while the Handunugoda Tea Estate offers unique insights into the flavours of Sri Lanka’s southern tea country.

These flourishing environments that paint our region a tropical green are as adventurous as they are educational, especially when accompanied by our resident naturalist who offer a whole new dimension to your experiences with us. Having recorded over fifty species of birds that flock to our home, our naturalist will introduce you the surrounding ecosystem with his expert knowledge and insights of the area. With us, your journeys through nature will yield an abundance of untold stories, shared by our friendly naturalist for an unforgettable experience at Jetwing Kurulubedda.

For a more local experience, you may also choose to visit one of the region’s cinnamon peeling centres that contribute to the strength of one of our strongest exports, while the more globally renowned attractions such as Galle Fort and Unawatuna Beach are also located on the coastline not too far away.

Cinnamon Peeling Centres

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Get an inside look at the cultivation of a spice treasured around the world

Galle Fort

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Explore a UNESCO World Heritage Site found closer to the southern coastline

Handunugoda Tea Estate

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Visit the only southern tea plantation that specializes in the luxurious virgin white tea

Kottawa Conservation Forest

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Spend an afternoon discovering Sri Lankan flora in this inconspicuous southern rainforest

Mahamodara River Safari

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Take a boat ride on our neighboring river, home to a diverse array of flora and fauna

Unawatuna Beach

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Eat, drink, swim and relax in a popular bay, with a beach that was once the world’s best