Mahamodara River Safari

The world of our neighbourhood waters

Our neighboring river is a modest trove of cultural and natural wonders. Secluded in nature, a safari along the waters of the Mahamodara River offers a glimpse into southern Sri Lankan village life as well as an aviary spectacle that inspires our name. In addition to being home to 60 species of birds, the river habitat also features monkeys, lizards, and even crocodiles among other reptiles and amphibians in the vicinity.

Make your way to the riverbank at the edge of Jetwing Kurulubedda, and hop into a boat that will carry you along the gentle waters of the Mahamodara River. Setting off at either 6 AM or 4 PM, the boat safari is as adventurous as it is educational, with our resident naturalist or butler always ready to offer a unique insight into life by the riverside.


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