Elephant Gathering

A Wild Spectacle Found Nowhere Else

During the dry season months of May to October every year, hundreds of Asian Elephants gather at the tank of the Minneriya National Park, one hour away from our hotel.

Coming from all corners of the North Central Province, the ‘Gathering’ of elephants showcase Sri Lanka’s harmonious relationship with nature in all its glory. Recognised the world over as one of the greatest wildlife spectacles on Earth; this phenomenon of pachyderms also provides a majestic insight into their natural behaviors. As they graze and laze on fresh grass from receded water, observe these gentle giants in close-knit herds that grace Minneriya and its other tropical inhabitants, including monkeys, deer, buffaloes and even over 160 species of birds.

Location Location
Minneriya National Park
Type Type of experience
Wildlife Experience
Distance From Hotel
30 km