Vil Uyana Wildlife Trail

Peaceful Coexistence in Our Shared Habitats

Upon transforming these once-barren hinterlands, Jetwing Vil Uyana emerged as one of the most flourishing private reserves in the region. We now share a home with over one hundred species of wildlife including amphibians, birds, insects, mammals and reptiles, which you will often encounter in any one of our five exclusive habitats. From the open deck of your dwelling, our purpose-built environment envelops you in a natural paradise. Our wildlife trail covers approximately 1.5 kilometers, and is bound to delight you with an abundance of exotic creatures such as the crimson rose butterfly, brahminy kite, grey squirrel or even the incurious crocodile that wallows in the marshes beyond our restaurant.

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Jetwing Vil Uyana
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Wildlife Experience
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