Pidurangala Excursion

An Ancient Monastery In The Shadow Of An Ancient Fortress

Before King Kasyapa constructed his fortified palace upon Sigiriya, a number of monks resided within the royal grounds to be. To accommodate his kingdom in the clouds, the king graciously relocated the monks to the adjacent rock formation of Pidurangala in the 5th century AD, where he built a humble temple and monastery amidst a religious complex of dagabas and temples at its base.

Today, Pidurangala serves as an alternative, or additional climb to Sigiriya with panoramic views of the ancient fortress and the surrounding landscapes. Enveloped by foliage from all sides, the gentle ascent consists of irregular steps that lead to a landing which houses a large reclining Buddha statue, now considered to be the oldest one built in brick within Sri Lanka. Beyond the landing, your adventure is led by no defined path, but a natural instinct that draws visitors to the open summit of Pidurangala and its breathtaking vistas of the region.

Location Location
Type Type of Experience
Outdoor Experience
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10 km