Loris Night Trail

The Best Place for Loris Night Trail Sightings in Sri Lanka

The private biosphere of our property shares a habitat with the elusive Grey Slender Loris, a nocturnal primate hidden in the scrublands beyond your dwelling. Known for its protruding eyes and nimble limbs, the loris scavenges for insects and berries above the trees on a moonlit trail that has been carefully designed for you to observe the rare creature in its natural habitat. Accompanied by our resident naturalist, a quiet evening walk takes you through the streams and bamboo bridges of our lush forest eco-system to the Loris Information Centre and Conservation Site. Equipped with harmless red light emitting headlamps that reflect off the characteristic eyes of our resident loris population, your silent search may even be prized with a close-up encounter of this fleeting species.

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Jetwing Vil Uyana
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Wildlife Experience
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