Sigiriya World Heritage Site

The Centerpiece of Our Regional Skyline

Rising above our biosphere in the distance sits the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Sigiriya, otherwise referred to as ‘Lion Rock’. Often overlooked as a wonder of the ancient world, Sigiriya was built by King Kasyapa at the end of the 5th century as a testament to his powerful reign from a palace in the skies.

As one of the finest examples of ancient architecture in the world, Sigiriya presents timeless Sri Lankan innovation in the form of fortified moats and lush water gardens with advanced irrigation systems characteristic of our early kingdoms. Perhaps most famously however, are the iconic Sigiriya frescoes painted within a cavity on the western face, preserved as cultural treasures of traditional Sri Lankan art and hospitality. Enroute to its summit of royal ruins, you will also encounter the Mirror Wall adorned with 7th century graffiti and the magnificent Lion’s Paws, which overawe any visitor to the original entrance of King Kasyapa’s aerial fortress.

Location Location
Sigiriya Rock Fortress
Type Type of Experience
Cultural Experience
Distance from Hotel Distance from Hotel
8 km