Is Sri Lanka Safe?

Following the recent impact of the economic crisis in Sri Lanka, questions have been raised as to whether our beautiful paradise is safe, secure, and problem-free for travel. Here are some key updates of the current situation.

Political stability of the country

Following the appointment of a new President, prime minister and key cabinet members the political landscape of the country has stabilized and now looks to the future. The elected officials, along with key government departments, are working towards achieving economic stability as well.


Following the change in government, the main protest site at Galle Face Green has been vacated and protests across the country have subsided.  However, throughout the struggle, there have been no reported threats or risks to tourists or the tourism industry.

Operation of hotels and resorts

All hotels and resorts in Sri Lanka have returned to their normal operational activities and continue to provide the famed Sri Lankan hospitality to all locals and tourists. Though there are periodic power disruptions island-wide, registered hotels have been granted preferential access to fuel to be used for power generators, in order to provide all guests with continuous, uninterrupted power for a pleasant stay.

Transport and Fuel

A brand-new fuel distribution mechanism involving the use of QR codes has been implemented to obtain fuel in an orderly manner. Citizens have been given weekly allotments to pump their fuel, mitigating long queues and distributing systematically. Hotels and DMCs have been given priority access to fuel. Your transport across the country will not be affected.

Resources for citizens

Travelling to Sri Lanka will not cause a deprivation of resources for the citizens, as every dollar spent contributes towards the strength and growth of the economy and assists the country in getting back on track sooner. As always, the tourism industry plays a vital role in this and provides employment to over 3 million Sri Lankans, directly and indirectly.

Services resumption

Government services, local schools and public transport services including buses and trains are fully operational once again.

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