Dining at Jetwing Hotels

As a family in Sri Lanka, dining experiences are always a pleasure to remember. From the warmth of a rustic dining table to the comfort of our natural wonders, our founder, the late Herbert Cooray, ensured these wondrous specialties of local hospitality remain with us for the rest of time.

Our humble beginnings on the lively fishing coast of Negombo saw sunrise visits to the Lellama for the freshest catch of the day as a routine. Since then, our routine has transcended into a tradition that we still practice to date. Such values extend to each of our dining experiences, where the unique environments at each property have inspired every dining option available at Jetwing Hotels across Sri Lanka. From dining under the stars on a private beach, to tasting ancient recipes in the midst of historic civilisations, your culinary experience at the home of Sri Lankan hospitality is one we look forward to sharing with you. Because when you indulge in our palate with a legacy from all walks of life, your taste buds are bound to remember it for a lifetime.

And as a stimulating pick-me-up to accompany your meal, you also have the option of selecting fine wines from our exclusive cellars, or sipping tropical cocktails inspired by the exotic locations that surround us.

Should you wish, signature experiences among our spaces can also be arranged upon request – anything from the simple comforts of room service to the lavish pleasures of a private terrace in our exclusive environments. Each of our properties feature unique dining options that fit seamlessly into the splendour of our homes – made for all tastes, served with the finest of Sri Lankan hospitality, ready to welcome you at any time.