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Let the words, “I do”, float among the breeze under a palm tree, or soar above the clouds in a cottage garden. For a lifetime of enchantment and adventure, there is no better place to begin, than with a wedding in Sri Lanka. We are delighted to have you both with us – this is where your story begins.

History has graced our land with alluring tales of romance for centuries – from legendary folklore to ancient realities, and now, the honour of hosting precious unions such as yours. In Sri Lanka, weddings are inspired by the tropical mystique that enchants every one of our hotels and villas. The magic of our land is one we are proud to share with you to last a lifetime – wherever you may find yourself in the world. Because while our island charm draws you closer together, it will also draw you back here once again.

A multitude of backdrops leave you abound with opportunities to create your picture-perfect wedding in Sri Lanka. The spirit of our hospitality resonates in every corner at every one of our hotels and villas across the island – from ours pools to our gardens, or beyond towards the sea and the sky. At Jetwing, your ceremony deserves the finest of our natural beauty for an island wedding nobody will ever forget. And when coupled with our legendary warmth and care, your special day is one that we will always cherish at the home of Sri Lankan hospitality.

From our exclusive wedding planners to our distinguished chefs, we are here to bring your dream to life, and will be more than happy to oblige with your special requirements for an extra special experience. For we too, expect nothing less than magnificence on a day to celebrate the love that you share together.

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