Jetwing Experiences

The Gathering of Elephants
A majestic spectacle, where wildlife is truly at home… The Gathering at Minneriya, a sight not to be missed, recognised by Lonely Planet as No. 6 on their “10 Greatest Wildlife Spectacles of the World”. A glimpse into the family values within nature, yours to experience and to stay forever…

The Minneriya National Park is a sprawling natural haven, rich in biodiversity and breathtaking beauty. Home to a great number of mammal, reptile, fish, butterfly and bird species, Minneriya National Park is simply paradise for wildlife enthusiasts. Located between Habarana and Polonnaruwa, the park is not far away from Jetwing Vil Uyana in Sigiriya, a unique eco-resort that offers guests rustic charm and green luxury in idyllic, natural surroundings.

Of the many extraordinary sights you will witness here, the assembly of over 200 elephants on the shores of the Minneriya Lake every evening at the peak of the dry season is truly outstanding. Fondly termed ‘The Gathering’, this congregation of elephants is the largest in Asia and is said to date back many centuries. The elephants begin to journey towards the diminishing tank waters in June. When the peak of the dry season arrives, the elephants ritualistically assemble daily to graze at the grassy tank bed, reaching a number of many as 250-300.

Visit at the right time with our resident naturalist, and be sure to witness the amazing ‘Gathering’; a truly once in a lifetime sight.


Whale and Dolphin Watching
Tharrr she blows indeed! See the largest mammal in the world, up close and personal and be amazed at one of Sri Lanka’s unique sights…

Join us on a boat ride from the harbour to the sea between the months of December and April and you will undoubtedly witness one of the most amazing whale concentrations of the world. Sri Lanka, considered ‘Best for Blue’, truly is the best place in the world to see Blue Whales.

Take this chance to embark on a responsibly conducted thrilling whale and dolphin watching journey in the waters of the southern coastal belt of Sri Lanka. Start off your tour with our resident naturalist and expert, Anoma, at Jetwing Lighthouse in Galle, a vision of the great Geoffrey Bawa. The day’s boat ride is an opportunity to see these magnificent creatures, the largest living mammals which can grow to 27m in length at full adult size. Next, try and spot Sperm Whales who are normally seen within a few kilometres of the shore. Don’t forget to look out for the fun-loving Spinner as they spin in the air! Afterwards, head back to Jetwing Lighthouse and finish your adventure by treating yourself to the many exquisite dining and spa experiences on offer.


Tree House Dining
“Up above the world so high, eat like a king up in the sky!” Indulge and sate your appetite, in complete privacy…

Tree house dining is one of the magical ways in which you can experience the tranquility of Jetwing Vil Uyana. Enjoy the intimacy of a rustic hut tucked away in one of the many lofty trees of the hotel grounds, in the company of only your loved one. Choose a Sri Lankan menu and taste an array of authentic dishes, exquisitely prepared using the freshest vegetables, meat, seafood, herbs and spices to create truly unique flavours. Or, choose a Western menu and treat yourself to a tantalizing variety of dishes from all over the world, made using the finest exotic ingredients.

Prepare to be serenaded by the sounds of roaming wildlife and rustling leaves. Be enveloped in the soothing breeze. Bask in the quiet beauty of the neighbouring forests, paddy fields and marshes and tuck in to delightful food made to perfection. Dining at the Tree House is a secret you will not wish to share…


Paddy Field Dining
A farmer’s life, for you and for me… Simple, charming, and delicious…

A popular location for literary lunches during the annual Galle Literary Festival, paddy field dining at Jetwing Kurulubedda gives you a chance to taste and experiment authentic Sri Lankan cuisine cooked just the way it is done in village homes. Treat yourself to wholesome country-style rice, healthy green salads and a colourful variety of curries and gravies made using only the freshest fruits and vegetables. Relish the different flavours and aromas of the herbs and spices that give each dish a distinctive, Sri Lankan taste. Renowned for its high nutritional value, a typical Sri Lankan meal is one that will leave you surprised to learn how delicious and wonderfully satisfying a simple meal can be.

Laugh, share stories and make friendships. Calm your senses in a serene environment, rich in natural, animal and bird life. Relax to the cooling breeze and the feel of fresh earth beneath your feet. Sit back and experience quintessential Sri Lankan village life, yours only at Jetwing Kurulubedda.


Rock Dining
The crash of the waves, the fragrance of the sea and the taste of succulent meat… Heaven!

Located in the historic city of Galle, Jetwing Lighthouse stands on a windswept hillock by the Indian Ocean. Its sophisticated blend of minimalism with plenty of open space and eclectic design creates a stylish and luxurious atmosphere for visitors. Dining on the rocks of Jetwing Lighthouse is a definite must if you love the idea of kicking off your shoes and enjoying an unforgettable candlelit meal on the beach. Enjoy sitting under the stars while you enjoy a true islander’s experience. And unwind in the sea breeze as your personal chef prepares for you and your loved one a delightful barbecue dinner. Feast on the extensive variety of delectable meat and seafood cuts, marinated and grilled to perfection as you sip on a glass of wine and let the sounds and fragrance of the waves transport you to a place far, far away…

Exclusive to only five couples per night, you and your partner can dine in intimate bliss away from crowded restaurants and hotel dining rooms. However, if you are in the mood for a night of fun, friends and laughter, we will arrange for a party for ten, depending on the conditions of the sea. Forget all your worries and enjoy the warmth of friendship, the ambience and great food, for this is indeed life, at its finest.


Lellama Visit
Immerse yourself in a visit like no other, where your selection is your meal…

The Lellama Market, the main fish market of Negombo and certainly the busiest in the country, is found bordering the Negombo Lagoon. The blue waters of Negombo are abundant in various species of marine life and the Lellama is where you will find some of the best seafood catches for purchase. However, even more intriguing are the various processes of buying and selling of seafood.

Join us on an exciting tour of Lellama and gain insight in to an industry that dates as far back as the city’s history. Visit in the morning, and watch the fishermen as they draw in their boats, spread out their nets and gather their hauls. Shortly afterwards, watch as they auction their catches, then wander through the different stalls at the market, and you will see how each catch is cleaned and prepared. Why not even purchase your favourite type of seafood, or try a variety that is entirely new to you? You can always take your choice back to Jetwing Beach, and have our star class chefs prepare a meal to your gastronomical satisfaction…


Galle Fort: A Journey to the Past
Walk the cobbled streets, and tread where the conquerors once resided. Where cultures flourished and traditions stayed, listen closely… you may still hear their voices through the ages.

Ever wanted to explore Sri Lanka’s old European past? Come on down to Galle with us; a testament to the island’s colourful past. A major trading point since ancient times, the city is said to have traded with King Solomon, the Persians and the Egyptians.

In 1640, the Dutch were able to seize control of Galle. The Dutch, whose influence is still retained in the art and architecture of the city, built The Galle Fort in 1663. Considered a living UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Fort still remains largely unchanged and is home to some of the city’s most celebrated attractions. The British, who were handed the fort in 1796 did not make a great impact on Galle, leaving the Fort a significant monument from the Dutch era.

Walking around the Galle Fort is a truly enchanting experience. Stop by the National Museum of Galle and the National Maritime Museum and see the many objets d’art, artifacts and exhibitions on display. Step into the hallowed aisles of the All Saints’ Church and spend a quiet afternoon walking amongst the tombstones at the Dutch Reformed Church. Visit the Old Lighthouse, the Dutch Prison and the Galle Natural Harbour, or see the Old Dutch Gate where the British Court of Arms is carved on the exterior and the Dutch VOC monogram is carved on the interior of the stonework. The Dutch ‘factory’ and hospital also preserve their characteristic architecture although today they have been converted into government offices.

Take a closer look at the picturesque, Dutch-style homes that are now mostly occupied by descendants of Moor traders who settled in the fort later. Many homes have also now been restored and converted into chic restaurants, art galleries, jewellery shops and elegant boutique hotels. Finish your adventure with a walk on the famous Ramparts, a spot frequented by families, tourists and young lovers who unwind in the cooling breeze. There is always something, old or new, to discover at the Galle Fort. Take a stroll and be carried away by the old world charm and sophisticated elegance of this wonderful monument.


Al Fresco Dining at Jetwing Warwick Gardens
A cool breeze, a candlelit setting and delicious food spells romance…

Come, experience the many signature dining experiences Jetwing Warwick Gardens, a lovingly restored Scot planter’s bungalow has to offer. Sit back under the stars and enjoy a scrumptious meal made just for you. Choose a Sri Lankan menu and taste a variety of mouthwatering traditional dishes prepared using only the freshest, home-grown ingredients collected straight from our gardens. With a myriad of curries, salad, pickles and popular foods such as rice, hoppers and string hoppers to tuck into, you will discover a truly authentic Sri Lankan repast. Or if the mood suits you, feast on a delectable array of grilled meat, seafood and vegetables from a garden BBQ. Seasoned and marinated to perfection, they will without a doubt leave your taste buds tingling. Top it off with an exquisite glass of wine; a choice you can make from a range of some of the finest.

Al fresco dining at Jetwing Warwick Gardens guarantees you the seclusion to enjoy a warm, intimate and fun gathering with your friends and loved ones. Rejuvenate in the cool climate of the hills and let our star class chefs put together an unforgettable meal. Take back with you the sweetest memories of romance, great food and a starry, starry sky.


Downtown Historical Visit
The difference between a traveller and a visitor? The history of Negombo, now yours to know…

Negombo, located on the West Coast of Sri Lanka, is popularly known as a tourist destination. However, this sunny town has its own rich history and culture, dating far back as the 16th century. Chosen by Moor spice traders for cinnamon production, Negombo served as a major trading point during the Portuguese and Dutch colonial periods. Today, Negombo is equally significant for its centuries-old fishing, cinnamon and brassware industries as well as its luxurious beachside hotels and resorts.

Jetwing Lagoon, a charming, eco-friendly resort offers you a delightful holiday experience. Just seven kilometres from the Negombo city centre, the hotel gives you spectacular lagoon views, gentle breezes and chic comfort. Whilst you enjoy your stay, take a day to get to know the city and its people by making a visit with us to the historical downtown area. Much of the art, architecture and culture you will encounter in Negombo are influenced by the Portuguese who took control of the city in the late 16th century and the Dutch who ousted them a few decades later. Discover the Roman Catholic influence of the Portuguese in the ancient St. Mary’s Church of the city. Marvel at its ornate architecture and artworks that gave this town the name ‘Little Rome’. The Anglican Grand Street Church, the Buddhist Agurukaramulla Pansala, and the Sri Muthu Mari Amman Hindu Kovil are symbols of the city’s vibrant past and multi-religious population. Explore the Dutch Fort, built in 1672 by the Dutch who once held monopoly of Sri Lanka’s flourishing cinnamon trade. Surrounded by many other iconic Dutch building, the Fort remains mostly unchanged, even though the city came under British colonists in 1796.

As you stroll each historic attraction, stop by and enjoy a typical scene in Negombo. Watch colourful trawlers, catamarans and fishing boats pull toward the shore. Take a look at how local fishermen sell their best and freshest catches. Wander through the little shops selling elegant ceramic and brass ornaments. Watch the city’s fun-loving people go about their daily activities, always with the friendliest smile and warmest spirit. Take an adventure into a city that is truly enchanting, and walk away with your heart satisfied.


Tea Culture Tour
Fancy a cuppa? Only the finest, by Sri Lanka….

Ever wondered what goes in to that perfect cup of Ceylon Tea? Let us take you on a scintillating journey through Sri Lanka’s iconic tea industry.

Join us on a Tea Culture Tour and take a closer look in to the production of tea in Sri Lanka. Your first stop on this guided tour is the home of a tea plucker, one of the hundreds of bright sari-clad, wicker basket-carrying female workers you will see on the plantations. Here, you will witness a typical day in the life of a tea plucker and learn their history on the island. Next, walk around the plantations and see and learn how tea plucking is actually carried out. Later on in the day, you will have the opportunity to study the extensive process of tea manufacturing in the factory. Finally, sip on many varieties of freshly brewed tea – a refreshing break from a three hour long, informative tour! Enjoy the breathtaking sights of mountain ranges, impeccable tea plantations and plantation communities as you drive to each highlight of the tour.

On the drive back to the hotel, step out and take in the view of the magnificent Ramboda Falls. At 109 metres high, Ramboda Falls is Sri Lanka’s 11th highest waterfalls and flows into the Puna Oya Reservoir. Hidden away from the main road and tucked beneath lush greenery, this waterfall is the perfect happy ending to a journey that educates and fills your senses with the unique sights, sounds and tastes of Sri Lankan hill country.