Is it safe to travel to and about Sri Lanka right now?

Yes, Sri Lanka is a safe destination for tourists from all over the world and in fact, many are already in the island making memories for a lifetime.

Over the past months, Sri Lankans frustrated with corruption sought to raise their voices against those responsible. Although this struggle was sensationally portrayed as widespread unrest, travellers within Sri Lanka and the tourism industry was not affected in any way. With the struggle fully ceasing, Sri Lanka is your perfect holiday destination.

I feel guilty about vacationing in Sri Lanka during an economic crisis. What should I do?

While it is true that Sri Lanka is currently undergoing an economic crisis and the daily lives of many people have been upended, tourism is one of the key drivers of recovery. The industry directly and indirectly employs over 3 million Sri Lankans and brings in critical foreign revenue to the island, central to overcoming the economic downturn and returning life to normalcy.

Vacationing in Sri Lanka at the moment may be the greatest helping hand you can give to putting the country back on track.

Will I be able to travel around Sri Lanka once I arrive in the country?


Sri Lanka experienced acute fuel shortages over the past months, resultant from the economic downturn. However, the public transport network of railways and buses are fully operational and can connect you from the airport to the commercial capital of Colombo and throughout the entire island to our family of hotels. In fact, most tourists prefer taking the trains around the country for the incredible experiences and stunning views they offer, especially in the hill country!

Our sister company, Jetwing Travels, will be happy to organize bespoke guided tours and planned itineraries around Sri Lanka. Simply visit or drop an email to

For those looking to rent and drive a vehicle, a fuel quota ticket can be obtained at the airport.

What are the Covid-19 protocols when travelling to Sri Lanka?

• Fully vaccinated travellers are exempted from pre-departure and on-arrival PCR/Rapid Antigen tests.
• Travellers who are not vaccinated or not fully vaccinated are required to have a negative PCR test taken within 72 hours prior to embarkation. Children under 12 are exempted from this requirement.
• All travellers to Sri Lanka are required to sign up for mandatory Covid-19 Insurance.
• There are currently no Covid-19 restrictions to travelling around Sri Lanka and visiting your favourite sites.
• Further information can be accessed via

What is your cancellation policy?

Flexible cancellation policies available

We have offered both flexible and strict cancellation policies for your stays, depending on your stay dates, and the booking channel.

Please read through our Terms and conditions for more details.

Can you provide transfers to and from the airport through our hotels?

Yes. We only require your confirmed flight details

We would be more than happy to arrange airport pick-ups and drop-offs on-request. We only require your confirmed flight details to arrange and confirm the transfers and rates for the same. Please send these details to Reservations or to the reservation email address of the respective Jetwing Hotel you wish to vacation at.

Note: Should you wish to travel to multiple destinations of the island, along with tour guides and planned itineraries, our sister company Jetwing Travels would be happy to organize bespoke tours for you. Please visit or email them on for more information.

Why should you visit Sri Lanka?

Immerse yourself in the unique experiences

Travelling to Sri Lanka now will let you explore all corners of the island and immerse yourself in the unique experiences we have to offer leisurely, as the crowds are relatively less during this time of the year. What’s more, is that you can take advantage of great deals on accommodation at all the Jetwing Hotels and experience authentic Sri Lankan hospitality.

Can you book excursions through our hotels?

Yes you can, Just send us the details

Spread across the island, all Jetwing Hotels are gateways to a multitude of unique experiences and excursions from catching the eastern waves to chasing waterfalls to encounters with enthralling flora and fauna. Please visit the respective hotel pages to know more about what you can do on your vacation and send details of the excursions that interest you to the reservation email address of the respective Jetwing Hotel and our resident naturalists will make arrangements for you.

What are the check-in and check-out times?

Assuring your comfort

  • Check-in time 1400 hours
  • Check-out time is 1200 hours

However, the check-in and check-out times can be altered on-request, based on availability.

What is the weather like in Sri Lanka?

It’s summer all year-round

Sri Lanka has a tropical climate and the temperatures are fairly constant year around, with an average of 25-30 °C in the coastal regions and 15-18 °C in the central highlands. The island’s weather is mostly influenced by the two monsoon seasons, which bring rains to the south-west coasts from May to September and north-east coasts from October to February. Although the island has favourable weather conditions all year-round, it is important to keep in mind that the weather and climatic conditions cannot be predicted with 100% certainty.

What are some of the most interesting events, seasons and festivals in Sri Lanka?

Year-Round Festivities & Events

Regardless of when you visit Sri Lanka, there’s always an interesting event, festival or a unique season that you shouldn’t miss while on the island. From witnessing the most revered Kandy Esela Perehera and the largest elephant gathering in Minneriya National Park to immersing in the country’s diverse religious and cultural festivals like the Nallur Festival and Paddy Harvesting Festival; Jetwing Hotels is strategically placed around the island to ensure you’re in the heart of it all. Plan according to your interests and we’ll do the rest.

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