Body Treatments

Sun Lovers

After your day spent in the sun, come and enjoy our Special Sun Lover to calm, soothe and re-hydrate your skin.

Sun Lover treatment is specially designed to fight against sun burn and the ageing of the skin.

This treatment start with body wash for gentle cleansing following by application of cucumber and homey body conditioner for cooling and shooting the skin end by application of body lotion prevent skin peeling and to lock in the moisture.

LKR 9,000 for 60 minutes

Himalayan Body Scrub

This Relaxing body scrub with Himalayan salt crystal nourishes both physical and emotional well-being. Jasmine and sandalwood essential oils work directly with the senses to calm the nervous system and relive stress.

LKR 9,000 for 60 minutes

Chocolate Body Scrub

Cocoa removes dead skin cells and exposes a young and natural glow leaving you with skin that is soft, smooth and smells amazing. The ingredients work together to moisturize your skin and boost circulation, stimulating cell renewal.

LKR 9,000 for 60 minutes

Natural Coconut Body Scrub

Renew and refresh your skin with this unique spa experience.  a gentle skin exfoliation using our own home-made natural coconut scrub that aids in renewing your skin’s chemical balance leaving it soft and subtle.

LKR 9,000 for 60 minutes