Jetwing Yala Highly Recommended at the 2017 Green Hotelier Awards

The world’s most eco-friendly and sustainable hotels have been listed by the 2017 Green Hotelier Awards as part of Responsible Business Week and Jetwing Yala being the only Sri Lankan hotel has been highly recommended for its sustainability initiatives in the Asia Pacific region.

The annual Awards invite applications from hotels of any size anywhere in the world; judging them on their efforts to reduce energy and water consumption, their waste output, their roles as responsible businesses to their employees and in the local community, as well as looking at how they communicate their sustainable and responsible ethos to guests. A winner and high recommendations were selected from the European region, Africa & Middle East, Asia Pacific and the Americas. Through the Awards the organizers suggest that more hotels than ever are measuring their performance on energy, water and waste, and setting themselves new targets each year.

Committed to sustainability initiatives through the Jetwing Hotels Sustainable Strategy, Jetwing Yala homes one of the country’s largest privately owned solar installations of 300 kilowatts, which meets 40 percent of the hotel’s daily electricity needs. The plant supplies excess energy at peak back to the national grid, helping to cushion grid fluctuations experienced by local residents. Its cooling is operated by a vapour absorption chiller, run sustainably via steam generated from a biomass boiler using sustainable cinnamon wood procured locally. Hot water is provided entirely through renewable energy, and lighting is 100 percent LED. The renewable energy applications and efficient operations reduce CO2 emissions by about 60 percent compared to if comparable conventional technologies were used. All wastewater is collected, treated, and reused onsite. All waste generated at the hotel is separated at source and quantified prior to disposal.

Jetwing Yala provides a holistic experience to its guests; from traveller comforts, engaging in excursions to being a part of responsible tourism, this property is in perfect unison with the natural world and the team at the property strives for harmony with the environment through every day practices.

As for water needs, seawater is filtered through a reverse osmosis system, ensuring no strain on the scarce freshwater resources of the region. The wastewater is separated at source and treated black water is used for gardening purposes while treated grey water is used for the cooling towers and further disinfected for use in cisterns. The property also homes its own compost machine and plant whereby all organic waste is treated and used as organic fertilizer for the hotel gardens and farms. Additionally, electric buggy carts are used for transportation within the hotel to lower greenhouse gas emissions from fuel consumption. The resident naturalist alongside the team at Jetwing Yala is ever ready to take its guests on a tour enlightening them on the properties sustainable initiatives.

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Family owned and in the tourism industry for the past 44 years, Jetwing Hotels has surpassed expectation at every aspect. Building on their foundation of being passionate, as well as the experience of true, traditional Sri Lankan hospitality, constantly pioneering discoveries captures the essence of the brand. Such a strong statement and direction have enabled Jetwing Hotels to imagine, create and manage marvels and masterpieces, where distinctive design and elegant comfort complement each other and the environment. In line with the Jetwing Hotels Sustainable Strategy, across all properties sustainable and responsible practices are given precedence with resource efficiency, community upliftment and education, and awareness being some of our key focus areas.


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  • Jetwing Hotels creates energy from waste. Steam from a biomass boiler powers the air conditioning system, staff rice steamers, and laundry. The boiler is fed with cinnamon wood, a sustainable fuel wood and otherwise discarded by-product of the cinnamon spice industry.