An Open Invitation To Our Northern Capital

Proudly perched at the top of our teardrop-shaped isle, Jaffna is closer to South India than it is to our own capital. Connected to the Sri Lankan mainland by a lagoon causeway, our northern capital exhibits a dignified culture and traditional influences found nowhere else on the island. Naturally, our Jaffna hotel is no different.

Within walking distance to the city’s lively market, railway and bus terminal as well the iconic Jaffna Fort and Jaffna Library, we are deeply immersed in the pulse of the north. For added convenience, Jetwing Jaffna is also situated adjacent to a large supermarket and cineplex showcasing the latest in Tamil cinema. The bustling energy of Jaffna is contagious, and is bound to set you forth on an exciting northern adventure.

Area Jaffna
Average Temperatures 26°C - 36°C
Distance from Colombo 398 km
Closest Major City Jaffna
Closest Train Station Jaffna (1 km)
Closest Bus Terminus Jaffna (550 m)