Jaffna Library

An iconic symbol of our historic northern province

First built in 1933, the Jaffna Library has long been a symbol of northern heritage. Emphasised by its now restored classical architecture, the library also endured a horrific burning in 1981 – a time at which it held nearly 100,000 books and manuscripts, making it one of the largest libraries in Asia. Ancient literature and documents from renowned scholars and other professionals were preserved at the Jaffna Library, and served as a cherished depository for information on the history and culture of the northern peninsula. Today, although filled with a collection nowhere near its original, the Library still commands the timeless dignity it upholds for the people of Jaffna and beyond.

Mere minutes away from Jetwing Jaffna, the Jaffna Library is a pleasant escape in the early evening, before it closes at 6 PM. As a sign of respect to the culture preserved by this iconic building, visitors must remove their footwear before entering the library. Although most wings are inaccessible to walk-in travellers, you are still able to explore the public areas of the library, along with the beautiful garden that adorns its grounds.

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