Sakkotai Cape (Point Pedro)

The northernmost point of Sri Lanka

At the very top of our teardrop isle, Sakkotai Cape rests as the northernmost point of Sri Lanka in the neighborhood of Point Pedro. As you drive towards the coast from the Point Pedro town, you are first greeted with a directional signpost that includes distances to various countries. To the west, the Point Pedro Lighthouse stands in the shadow of a telecommunications tower, while to the east; a concrete flag of Sri Lanka sits at the edge of the shore to indicate your arrival at Sakkotai Cape.

An hour away from Jetwing Jaffna, Sakkotai Cape rests on a rocky coast at the perimeter of Point Pedro. A drive along the shallow shoreline will allow you to skirt the northern edge of Sri Lanka, while your phone also picks up cellular signals from India. On a clear day, you may even catch a glance of the India’s southern coastline in the distance.

Location Location
Point Pedro
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32 km