Jaffna Market

An assortment of unique local specialties in the heart of Jaffna

A colourful world of northern goods and produce, the Jaffna Market is filled with exotic souvenirs that are hard to find elsewhere in Sri Lanka. In addition to shops filled with eclectic clothes and ornaments, the market also features an open-air section with fruits, vegetables and other northern foodstuffs. For example, the abundance of palmyrah products is immediately noticeable – from flour to jaggery to edible sticks, and more. Praised for various health benefits, the characteristic palmyrah tree, or odiyal as it is known here is the equivalent to the coconut tree found within other regions of Sri Lanka.

Around the corner from Jetwing Jaffna, the buzzing Jaffna Market is best visited in the mornings. With the bus terminus next door, another option is to end your day’s adventure by returning to the city centre before 6 PM, browsing through the market, and carrying a heavy load of Jaffna souvenirs back to your hotel room!

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