Jaffna Fort

The majestic stronghold of our colonial north


Originally built by the Portuguese in the 17th century, the Jaffna Fort is one of Sri Lanka’s last well-preserved colonial ramparts. Sprawled over the southeastern edge of the northern capital, the Jaffna Fort owes much of its grandeur to the Dutch who captured it from the Portuguese, and later expanded it into the landmark we see today. Following the departure of the Dutch, the British also used the Jaffna Fort as a stronghold until Sri Lanka’s independence in 1948. Today, the Jaffna Fort is a popular attraction for all visitors to the city, with open grounds and century-old walls that can be scaled upon as you take in the views of Jaffna around you.

Located a short walk away from Jetwing Jaffna, the city’s historical fort stands tall over its bordering lagoon, overlooking the Kayts Causeway leading up to the peninsular island of the same name. The Jaffna Fort is especially welcoming closer to sunset, when accompanied by a cool ocean breeze and pinkish-orange skies of northern Sri Lanka.

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