A Journey Of Success Through Jetwing Youth Development Project In Jaffna

The Jetwing Youth Development Project (JYDP) saw its 21st programme being completed – this being the 2nd one conducted for youth in Jaffna and will soon take up employment at the second luxury hotel venture in the Northern peninsula under the Jetwing brand, North Gate by Jetwing.

JYDP is designed to empower rural youth who are underprivileged and do not enjoy the opportunities for higher education or meaningful career prospects. Providing free training to school leavers from disadvantaged families in locations of Jetwing Hotels around the country, the program offers both practical and theoretical training – ranging from English language proficiency, skill development, on the job training –  to prepare them for a career in the hospitality industry. Upon the successful completion of the six month programme Jetwing Hotels guarantees employment to the youth within the Jetwing family unless chosen otherwise. With the completion of 21 projects to date, over 600 youth from 40 villages have been absorbed into the hospitality industry promising a better life for themselves and their families.

A region that was ravaged by the terrors of war for 30 years saw to the first luxury hotel established absorbing the youth from the area to be a part of the Jetwing Jaffna success story. As such an enthusiastic group of over 60 youth from the locality was trained under the 1st programme in Jaffna and those who successfully completed the program were subsequently absorbed into the Jetwing Jaffna family. Coming from various backgrounds, these young adults grew up in a world that saw no future due to the war, with such an opportunity opening up they were more than happy to take a step towards reconciliation through career development. The associates here are ever ready to share with the guests their vibrant culture and customs, which was for long years disrupted. With the second property in Jaffna scheduled to open soon, the 21st training programme saw to a group of over 30 youth being trained in the hopes of providing employment at North Gate by Jetwing. Presently, these young adults have been assigned for training at sister Jetwing hotels in preparation for operation at North Gate by Jetwing which will open its doors in 2018.

Commenting on the conclusion of the 2nd JYDP training programme in Jaffna Head of HR said, “Embarking on JYDP in Jaffna was for us an initiative that aids reconciliation, and it has far surpassed our expectations – the youth in the area are passionate and committed, and eager to learn. We look forward to continuing JYDP in the North and in the East, and open up this industry to those who are enthusiastic about hospitality”.

Family owned and in the tourism industry for the past 44 years, Jetwing Hotels has surpassed expectation at every aspect. Building on their foundation of being passionate, as well as the experience of true, traditional Sri Lankan hospitality, constantly pioneering discoveries captures the essence of the brand. Such a strong statement and direction have enabled Jetwing Hotels to imagine, create and manage marvels and masterpieces, where distinctive design and elegant comfort complement each other and the environment. In line with the Jetwing Hotels Sustainable Strategy, across all properties sustainable and responsible practices are given precedence with resource efficiency, community upliftment and education, and awareness being some of our key focus areas.

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