Sourcing & Production

Locally-Sourced Hospitality

Sri Lanka is abounding with a variety of rich resources. With our presence spread across the width and breadth of our island home, we take great pride in sourcing material and supplies from local communities to support livelihoods, minimise imports, and reduce emissions by minimising transport over long distances. As a family ourselves, we welcome the people around us into our homes in an effort to harmonise the coexistence of community and environment. Among the many advantages of this approach to our operations, our range of sustainable sourcing and production initiatives have been designed to not only pass on economic benefits to our local neighbourhoods, but also use eco-friendly materials to reduce adverse impacts on the environment across our homes of Sri Lankan hospitality.

Internalising Our Supply Chain

Across our family of hotels and villas, we remain committed to producing what we can in-house. For starters, a series of onsite water bottling plants are used to reduce waste from the disposal of single-use plastic bottles, as well as transport emissions from bottling factories found in distant locations. The bottles made of 30% recycled glass, are filled with purified water, used throughout hotels, cleaned, and circulated back for hotel operations.

Harvests from our gardens are also used to provide you with a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables, while properties such as Jetwing Vil Uyana, Jetwing Lake, and Jetwing St. Andrew’s host onsite beekeeping facilities to produce local honey. Similarly, Jetwing Blue provides treacle that is harvested from its resident coconut trees and fermented onsite. And finally in our southeastern homes, milk purchased from local farmers is curdled at Jetwing Kaduruketha and Jetwing Yala.

Locally-Sourced Produce

The involvement of local communities is a defining trait of our family, and a policy we strictly adhere to at Jetwing. Whenever possible, our homes of Sri Lankan hospitality across the island purchase products and services from their respective locales. Just as the milk purchased from local farmers in Wellawaya and Yala provides economic benefits for these communities, the same practice is adopted throughout our properties – be it purchasing fish from the Lellama in Negombo, vegetables from local markets, or even employing musicians and cooks from our surrounding localities in an effort to provide you with the finest of Sri Lankan hospitality. This dedication to livelihood development not only enables local communities to benefit from Sri Lanka’s booming tourism sector, but also helps reduce our overall carbon footprint by minimising the transport of goods and services from various locations.

Responsible Use Of Products

Hotels and villas across our family encourage alternatives to single-use plastics in an effort to reduce plastic waste. Reusable alternatives such as glass water bottles and glass amenity containers help reduce negative impacts on the environment from waste, while products made from cane, reed, and other eco-friendly materials also support the local communities who produce them. Our purchasing officers, who have been trained to be mindful of unnecessary packaging materials that harm the environment, select local suppliers who share these values as well. In addition, we are dedicated to minimising imports by using the maximum amount of local produce within your meals, while meats of protected species are strictly prohibited for consumption within our hotels and villas.

Minimised Use Of Chemicals

Many of our homes promote organic farming, and practice minimum input farming methods with the limited use of chemical fertiliser and pesticides. These measures extend to the use of natural air fresheners such as fresh flowers and essential oils, pest control services which are encouraged to use biodegradable chemicals, and chemical suppliers who are certified in selling eco-friendly, non-hazardous products.