The Hearts Of Our Hospitality

Ever since our birth on the humble shores of Negombo’s coastline, we have always believed in the importance of family. When our late founder Mr. Herbert Cooray opened our doors to the world, our family welcomed visitors from far and wide – extending an open invitation to the homes of Sri Lankan hospitality that stand before you today. These homes are made with the warmth and care of our family of Associates, to whom we are continuously committed to supporting and uplifting as part of our Sustainability Strategy across our island.

Personal and Professional Development

As an equal opportunity employer, we ensure a work environment free of discrimination and glass ceilings that would otherwise prohibit satisfaction, welfare, personal and professional development. Our dedicated Training & Development Team not only empowers our Associates with world-class competencies and skills development programmes, but also promotes sustainable career progression through our growth-focused Human Resources Policies. For instance the Jetwing Elevation, Achievers, and Ascension programmes have been designed to enrich our Associates at various levels through interactive experiences that build upon our values as a family. Non-job oriented training sessions that focus on language proficiency and leadership skills among others are also conducted as part of our commitment to career development.

Safe Work Environment

As we spread our legendary hospitality across the island, our family is also committed to provide a safe working environment for all. Our family values of passion, humility, integrity and tenacity form a foundation of everlasting care that extends to each and every one of our associates. With their well-being at the forefront of our priorities, our values also reflect the principles contained in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and The International Labour Organisation’s Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work.

While our Human Rights Policy Statement reflects Sri Lanka’s national commitment to progressive labour regulations, our Health and Safety Policy Statement outlines our family’s responsibility in maintaining a safe working environment wherever we are. As our work takes us beyond conventional office spaces, for instance, we also ensure that accommodation is always provided where possible, and transportation for female associates in particular is readily available.

Employee Engagement

We encourage innovation, exploration and growth in all our Associates. With a host of benefits and opportunities that contribute to overall satisfaction and wellbeing, our family remains close-knit and constantly supportive of one another – especially in our dedicated associate engagement initiatives that cover welfare, sports, the arts, and a variety of celebrations that stay true to the welcoming spirit of our legendary hospitality.