Bentota Beach

One of Sri Lanka’s most popular beaches

Arguably one of the most famous seashores of Sri Lanka, the Bentota Beach has long been a favourite of travellers from around the world. Notable for its long stretch of white sand and several safe pockets for wading in the ocean, Bentota Beach is best visited during its season between the months of October and April. The popular coast is also famed for its availability of water sports, ranging from wind-surfing to jet-skiing, and even waterboarding from the waters of the Bentara River.

From Yathra by Jetwing, a 10-minute drive towards the southern coastline of the island leads to the sandy shores of Bentota Beach, where our homely waters of the Bentara River flow into the vast expanse of the Indian Ocean. With little to no shade provided by the palm trees characteristic of our island, we recommend using an appropriate amount of sunscreen to enjoy the tropical weather by the sea.

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